Petite Hueco Hoops

Petite Hueco Hoops


Spanish for "hollow," our smallest Hueco Hoops are the perfect iconic statement. Incredibly lightweight with sterling silver posts.

Hoops are approx 30mm in diameter

We love the history behind our Hoops! We've utilized an existing material source by redesigning vintage solid brass hollow rings for the base; buffing away years of age and tarnish, sawing/sanding their shape and silver soldered sterling silver ear posts. Using vintage materials for our Hueco Hoops means that each pair may have slight variances and light markings.

Brass has a "living finish" meaning it will naturally darken with wear. If you prefer a bright polished finish on your hoops, we recommend using the soft brass/silver polishing cloth provided to return hoops to their original shine. You may also submerge them in a polishing solution. Please keep your Hueco Hoops in a safe place when you aren't wearing them. They are hollow and may dent if dropped or stored improperly.

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