Libertad Coin Pendant

Libertad Coin Pendant


An antique Argentine coin depicting the freedom head Oudine, wearing a Phrygian cap, on the front and a grain sprig, cow’s head and number ten on the back.

I purchased the original coin at the San Telmo flea market in Buenos Aires years ago to wear as a necklace. When I found it there was already had a sizable, and well worn, drilled hole -maybe someone else had already worn it for years before my discovery? After many years of wearing it myself, and having people inquire about it, I filled in the original hole and soldered on a decorative bail before having it cast into solid brass and sterling using the ancient technique of lost wax casting.

Brass coin on 14k gold fill bead chain or sterling coin on sterling bead chain

Coin is 3/4” in diameter on an 18” chain with additional 1.5” of adjustment chain

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