Abalone Fan Earrings • 14k

Abalone Fan Earrings • 14k


The color variation in abalone inspired us to create earrings that are reversible, allowing the wearer to treasure the shell’s duality. One side evokes the hot sun on a softly rippling tide pool, and the other a prismatic marbling of pinks and greens. Simply slide the ear hook out from the shell’s drilled hole, slip the hook back through on the opposite side, and adorn yourself in a new sensibility.

Natural abalone shell and solid 14k yellow gold

Earrings are approximately 2.5”-3” in length *

* We love using unrefined abalone shells because they are closest to their natural state. This also means that they are each unique in their color and shape. In matching a pair, we are conscious to maintain a relative continuity in form and size.

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