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Yesterday's little post made me want to dig further into my summer photo archive . . . the lovely snowstorm could be to blame as well. 

Since i've been a total slack ass blogger I realized that I never shared any of the photos I took in Maine this past summer.  Great, now I'm Really missing summer.

 A classic Gin and Tonic is my go-to drink in Maine. . . or white wine, with ice of course. 

My sister played photographer and I played model as the sun set and the tide went out.

 waking up to sun slowly burning off the fog most mornings

 Eric and Alden Love fishing.  I love watching.

 My aunt rented paddle boards for her step-grandchildren to play with. . . Elmee and I got to try them out for the first time.  I wouldn't say we were naturals. 

 If you haven't read

The Dog Stars

by Peter Heller please do.  It's a beautifully written post-apocolyptic novel.  Seriously loved this one. 

 I love clams but i HATE chomping down on grit/sand.  Like nails on a chalk board to some people.  

 Awesome haul at the Montsweag Flea Market 


 Alden caught a few but sadly they were too small to eat. 

and more fog.

 Alden showing Eric how to do Cat-Cow for his sore back.  That face is priceless.

 I love this girl.

I love this girl THIS much!

 2013 was the year I finally learned to enjoy oysters and Eventide in Portland was the loveliest place to explore my new appreciation for them.

 Eric helping me set up my instagram food photo at Duck Fat in Portland.  Such a joker.  

Bouquet of duck fat fries.

 Mirror selfie.  I liked my outfit.