While I was in NYC last weekend I had the pleasure of finally meeting two amazing women/jewelers who I'd only previously known through the world of the internet.  

The Renegade Craft Fair

was in full effect in Williamsburg 

on Sunday 

and my sister and I braved the heat to go check it out.  

 Thanks to Instagram, I learned that Hannah Ferrara of 

Another Feather

 was participating in the weekend's event.  It's always so fantastic to meet, 

in person

, people who I've only ever corresponded with online.   Hannah's jewelry looked gorgeous and her choice of displays were the perfect fit for her collection.  

 Hannah's gorgeous 

Delos Necklaces

. . . . 

Arlie Trowbridge, of

Urban Revisions


was another Renegader who i've been wanting to meet since forever.  I think Arlie was one of the first Etsy sellers I ever did a trade with (way back in 2009!) and I've been a big fan of her handmade glass and fiber pieces ever since. 

 I LOVE these gorgeous glass flower vials. . . get them


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