I love a successful Goodwill trip. . . there is nothing more defeating that leaving a Goodwill empty handed after 2 hours of searching/trying on. . . yes, it often takes me that long to comb through each rack. . . which is exactly why I like thrifting Alone. 
*The photos below are from two separate excursions. . .  
 I loved this eyelet tank. . . It is literally a napkin sewn onto a tank top.  
A replacement hat for the one I forgot on the plane returning home from SF!  Not its equal but it'll do for now. . .  and at $1.99 not to shabby. 
This sweater brings me one step closer to achieving THIS look? 

Can't have too many ivory cable knit sweaters.  This one is acrylic but really soft and doesn't pill.  Nice and lightweight for summer nights.  
Great butterfly print and scoop neck on this vintage tee from India.  The orange sherbet background was a deal sealer.

Still not sold on the elastic waistband on this little dress. . . but it's got a great little neckline and will be great when it's 98 degrees in the shade. 
 Gorgeous blue silk shift dress. . . I'm in love with it belted or not. I have a feeling it'll be packed for many a trip in the years to come. 

I ended up passing on this Peruvian-style hat. I decided I was attempting to be Erin Wasson . . . .or Daria Werbowy in that amazing South American travel editorial from Vogue in the early 2000s. . . . 
Ugh now I wanna go to Goodwill.

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