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Apartment Therapy

we get to ogle artist

Caitlin Wylde

's Echo Park home and studio.  Caitlin's house is filled with her thoughtful collections of antiques, furniture,  natural artifacts, oversized vintage tapestries, and color.  


Apartment Therapy


My Style:

 Natural world meets an old boat


 Forest floor + flotsam + jestsam

Favorite Element:

 Its magical energy + domed living room ceiling

Biggest Challenge:

 Shoehorning the kitchen into a tiny weird space

What Friends Say:

 My friend Pietsie says it's like a naturalist's retreat

Biggest Embarrassment:

 The skunk that lived under my house for a few weeks.

Proudest DIY:

 Turning the backyard from a dirt pile to a little oasis in the city (thanks to great friends that helped).

Biggest Indulgence:

 A nice bottle of red wine on the deck.

Best Advice:

 Let things unfold organically + don't try to control everything.

Below are some


of Caitlin's work which consists of a

"rustic, homemade collection of tapestries, nautically-inspired flags and tiny treasures borrowed from the sea"


Foam Magazine

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