Just now posting some belated San Francisco photos . . . God I love this girl, and this city.

Alden tiptoeing around the street mess in Hayes Valley. . . 
 The lovely Flora Grub where i wanted everything
 A perfect cappuccino from Ritual Coffee in Flora Grub. . . and the vintage hat I bought at The Painted Bird . . .  which I ended up leaving on the plane during my transfer in Newark : ( so so so sad about this.  

Salted Caramel of course!

I'm going to try and recreate this Alembic tequila drink for New Years Eve!! 

Amoeba let's me know what's cool.
Some of the amazing art at the Creativity Explored opening
It's not fair how affordable the organic produce is at the farmer's market my sister frequents.  wahhhh 

drop off!! 

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