Now that the VT farming season is coming to an end, I wanted to share a few of Eric and my photos from the end of this past season at Pitchfork Farm.  This was Pitchfork's seventh season and I think it has been its most successful!

 I'm so incredibly proud of Eric (who started the Pitchfork Farm right out of college at the age of 22) and all the hard work he has done to get his organically grown, local produce into restaurants, groceries and even the Fletcher Allen Hospital (most of it going directly to the patients!).  When Eric first started out, he had to convince many restaurants in the Burlington area that buying local and organic produce wasn't just for the fancier restaurants, and it wouldn't set them back financially. He helped them realize that not only did their customers want locally grown produce, but it made sense in terms of quality and shelf life as well. 

Even though I'm not farming as much as I did when the farm first started out, it was great to be down there once a week to help with the harvesting. 
The perks of dating a farmer

Olive oyl vs Skeeter Valentine

The butternut squash haul

Cutting greens . . . my specialty

Kick-ass Pitchfork employees Greta and Tristan with Eric's farm partner Rob, setting up electric fencing to ward off the deer.

Eric and Rob helping present the plans for the new Intervale barn

Elmee playing in the beets

stained hands from the big beet harvest

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