I'm heading out west this afternoon to visit my sister Alden (aka bff) and I couldn't be happier.  I haven't been out to visit her since spring of 2008 so it's high time!  

I'll be there five full days and we are going to try to pack each and every one of them full of food, mini-road trips, and adventure. Now I just need to forecast to clear up!  

Planned highlights include: 

Creativity Explored


 My sister volunteers here and they're having their

Annual Holiday Art Sale

opening tomorrow night ("

Creativity Explored advances the value and diversity of artistic expression. We provide artists with developmental disabilities the means to create, exhibit, and sell their art in our studios and gallery, and around the world.")

A road trip up to

Scribe Winery

on Saturday up in Sonoma.  My sister is buddies with the folks behind this amazing vineyard and I've been dying to try their much talked about wine.    

Alameda Flea Market

on Sunday!!! My sister and I are born hunters so I have a feeling this place will feel like coming home.  

Dinner at Alice Waters'

Chez Panisse

for the Monday night three course dinner.  Never been to Berkeley either! 

We are also thinking about getting our Tintypes taken at

Photobooth Portrait Studio

on Valencia . . . pricey but too cool right?

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