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I'm a big fan of zombies.  Eric and I have watched many a zombie flick (28 Days Later is by far my favorite) and I can definitely say that it's my favorite horror genre. . . . who are these people making "torture porn" so popular anyway?  

 We recently got cable, and although i'm not exactly loving it, it's great to be able to watch The Walking Dead on a TV and not a tiny computer screen.  Sunday night was the season three premier and i'd been anticipating the introduction of Michonne since the season two finale. . . Michonne is a fearless new character who is sure to add some more excitement, as well as diversity, to the group.

I have yet to read The Walking Dead graphic novel (I've heard it's way better than the show) but after reading this article on, i'm even more aware of the lack of diversity when it comes to prominent roles on the show.  In the graphic novel, the group is co-led by Rick and a character named Tyreese.  Tyreese has been completely ignored by the show's screenwriters and "replaced" by T.Dog: "T-Dog has no role in the show. He may as well be called Token Black Inclusion No.1. He hangs around in the crowd scenes, basically serving only to make them less white." (Racialicious) 

A lot of other changes have been made for the show, none of them advancing/empowering the roles of the women and non-white characters.  C'mon AMC, let's step away from the "white men as only source of strength and leadership" in season three.