Gone Girl. I just couldn’t put it down.
   My friend Sarah lent me her copy of Gillian Flynn’s latest psychological suspense novel with a warning, “You might start canceling plans/calling in sick to work once you start reading it.” And how right she was. Gone Girl is the ultimate page turner. A whodunnit that keep you guessing right up to the end.
   Nick and Amy Dunne's marriage is troubled. Their life (and relationship) in North Carthage, Missouri a far cry from the happy NYC one they had enjoyed before losing their jobs and all their money. When Nick comes home on their fifth wedding anniversary and discovers that Amy has disappeared, amid signs of a struggle, “he suffers the painful transformation from distressed husband to suspected murderer.” (nytimes) As the chapters in Part One alternate between Amy’s diary entries leading up to her disappearance and Nick’s account of his life after it, we are quickly forced to take sides as their stories unfold, and Nick and Amy’s true personalities are revealed. . . Don’t even get me started on Part Two!!
   Flynn isn’t afraid to get twisted, and she’s also not nervous about pissing off some of her readers in the process. Gone Girl will suck you in and spit you out. Like the ending or not, I have a feeling you won’t be able to stop talking about this book once you’ve finished.
But whatever you do, just make sure no one spoils the ending for you!!
Originally written for Volcomunity

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