Sometimes making Ryan sad is worth it.  Like when you have a fresh loaf of Lemon Rosemary bread sitting on your counter.

 Ok, I think i know what women love Ryan Gosling so much, aside from the fact that he is incredibly good looking (and not in the boring Brad Pitt way), stands up for important causes, and loves his mother.  

Ryan is an incredible actor, but above that, he's especially good at playing the lover.  He so easily convinces us that he is actually in love with the spoiled Southern rich girl, the life sized sex doll, a lonely single mother who's husband is in jail (I have not yet suffered through Blue Valentine, but i'm sure it could be added to this list).  He is so totally in love with these women, so completely not pretending, not acting.  The way he stares at them.  In all of these movies (Lars and the Real girl aside maybe) he is always unable to take his eyes off of them. That knowing twinkle in his eye, "oooh you are gonna fall so in love with me"

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