A few photos from my recent drive down to NYC.  It's always amazing to visit the city and spend time with my dear friends.  There are so many things that I love about living here in Vermont but whenever i'm feeling the need for something a bit livelier, I know that NYC will deliver.  

Mid-day cocktails at Roebling Tea Room

taking a taco break at the Brooklyn Flea. I'm always disappointed by how unwilling vendors are when it comes to haggling. 

Storm a-brewing

Damn fine pita from a food truck in Midtown Manhattan.  

Julia looking fine in her new Reformation sweater. . . a modern day Madeline.  

Alexander Wang greeting fans on FNO.  How awesome is that?

I happened upon this amazing store called Tinsel Trading in Midtown while jewelry supply sourcing. . . They specialize in antique metal ribbon and all sorts of vintage findings.

My favorites were their antique silk flower stamens. 
Not sure what i'm going to use this applique for yet. . . but it will be 10x cooler after!

yup, that's the price per yard!

vintage matchbooks

a large tumblr of Chartreuse. . . trouble
just two girls out on the town. 

Hiro, curator of my favorite Brooklyn Flea stall "Interwoven"  

Whenever i'm in Williamsburg I always have to stop by Mast Brothers Chocolate

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