After a 4 year hiatus from singing, Solange Knowles paired up with Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange) for her latest single "Losing You."  The result is vibrant and tropical with an '80s synth-pop vibe yet reminiscent of '60s girl groups.  Dummy Mag describes it perfectly: "'Losing You' is a lovelorn slice of pop, pleading and pulsing with a sense of dancefloor anguish.  Echoing the kind of heartbroken vocal reminiscent of Robyn, Solange stretches her relationship problems over clicks and hums, and wraps them up in a daze of synth, until they sound so good they almost don't hurt any more."

For the "Losing You" music video, Solange grabbed director Melina Matsoukas, a few gorgeous friends, and a crap-load of colorful clothing and headed down to Cape Town, South Africa.  According to Solange, at the start there was less a firm concept for the video, and more of a "grab a camera and let's go moment."  The result is a super stylish video rife with playful bff moments and lust-worthy attire. 

What I love most:

.: The integration of the stylish Congolese Le Sape Society (or Society for the Advancement of People of Elegance).  Les Sapeurs are a group of ultra dapper men who put fashion above all else. Their history is rooted in the French colonization of the Congo (at the end of the 1800s) and the reverence for Parisian fashion and flair.

.: Solange's silly dance moves (a la Azealia Banks in her "212" video)

.: The retro-inspired wardrobe worn by Solange and her friends. . . packed with bright colors, pattern mixing and loud prints: Opening Ceremony, Kenzo, Suno and J.Crew

.: The fact that the video was shot on location in a few different neighborhoods in Cape town and features an all black cast made up of locals, Les Sapeurs and Solange's real life friends.

.: How awesome contemporary artist Mickalene Thomas's Brooklyn studio was used for the party scene in this video.

.: That even though the lyrics and about breaking up, Solange isn't moping around in bed but having a blast running around with her friends. Life goes on ladies.  

**Originally written for Volcomunity
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