Pitchfork Farm's slogan. . . Eric is quite a creative fellow   ; )

Whenever I'm traveling and I tell people where I'm from, often their response is "Vermont. . . what state is that in again?" or  "Are you a farmer?"  

Neither question offends me.  . . actually, quite the opposite!  I love being from a small, tucked away state - one that usually only makes the news for positive things: our amazing local food-system, legalizing same-sex marriage, Howard Dean, Ben and Jerry's. . . 

Living in a state where our largest city's population is under 50k definitely has its drawbacks though, and I do often find myself weighing the pros and cons of bigger cities like NYC and San Francisco. 

And to the farmer question - I just smile and gush about my man's 16 acre organic vegetable farm.  Lucky girl right here.

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