*originally posted on Volcomunity

My dad has always had a way of turning "junk" into something insanely awesome. He is a collector of such "junk" and hopes that he'll revive/repurpose each and every object with time. (I actually set up my jewelry studio space amongst said junk, which makes me feel right at home when my studio gets over-cluttered.)  So when he was invited to contribute to the Shelburne Museum's show titled "Time Machines: Robots, Rockets and Steam Punk" he immediately started brainstorming.

The best part is, he already had all of this amazing stuff just waiting to be put to use! 

Steve Conant: "After being invited to participate in the Steam Punk Show I poked around the shop looking for props.  A 100 lb copper tank fits the bill.  And I just happened to have a cast iron 3-wheeled dolly that fits it perfectly! After cutting doors our of the side wall I'm thinking; curio cabinet? Stereo closet? And then, wahoo, it hits me - a "time machine"! I add a leather seat, 19th century clock works, an electronic metronome (circa 1950), a strobe light, a motion switch to activate it all (behind the foot rail) an electric reostat on a scissor bracket (gas peddle), a period Edison style carbon filament bulb, a big knife switch, headphones, yellow goggles, a bunch of old gages, some brass grillwork, a heater coil, a coffin grab bar, sousaphone bell. . . and top it off with a 1930s surgical aspiration machine.  What fun! And it actually transported me back to the creative, fun loving days of my youth!"

     impressed much??