So I'm going to drop all things fashion and become a food blogger now ok? 


But i did want to share a super yummy salad I made for a friend's b-day party with you guys.

I happen to have a boyfriend with an 18 acre organic vegetable farm but that's obviously not a requirement for this dish.  ok, so now that I sound like an annoying bitch . . . . 

Slice up the radishes really thin (I didn't have the patience to slice these as thin as i'd wanted)

Make a dressing with 
 -apple cider vinager
 -olive oil
 -chopped shallots
 -salt & fresh cracked pepper
 -and a touch of dijon mustard 
                            . . . sorry, i'm not into measuring.

 Throw in the radishes, baby arugula and some crumbled feta.  yummmmmmmmmmm times a million.

Look! There's my salad in the lefthand corner!!  
** sadly i had to leave the party before the key-lime pie was served.  I'm still regretting it.  

The S'mores birthday cake Lila and Kristen made for Sarah!