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It's been exactly one week since i've eaten meat (i'm not counting when I sampled the sliced turkey at the market forgetting that I was temporarily going vegetarian).  I have never been a vegetarian nor have I ever considered it as a possibility.  I love meat and am lucky enough to live in a place where I have easy access (as long as I have the $$) to grass fed, healthy happy animal meat.  

This is why i've chosen to cut the meat this week:  I spent ten glorious days in Barcelona at the end of last month eating mounds of serrano ham, baguette, buttery seafood, cava and gelato.  I did NOT, however, eat much in the way of greenery.  It just wasn't really a priority for me.  Once I returned home I continued to eat, overeat, for the next week.  And then things got bloated.  I had been working out a lot and eating really healthy before the trip but with three weeks of gluttony it seems I was able to gain about 6 pounds. . . I guess that's what being *almost* 28 means.  

So for now I'm not eating meat, i'm making my own veggie juice, and probably over-doing it on the Chia seed pudding. . . Detoxing so to speak.  
Getting back into an exercise routine feels amazing as well.  I didn't break a sweat (except for hiking in Montserrat) for two weeks and my muscles became depressed.  I'm gonna start my 28th year off right!! **(My birthday is on the 27th for all of you hoping to send me mounds of presents and well wishes. wink wink).

chia pudding, aka fish eggs.  Made with a 1:7 ratio of chia seeds to organic vanilla almond milk.  so frakking tasty.