Have you been feeling depressed lately about how the internet and social media have negatively affected the way we communicate with each other?  I have been. 
      But then my sister sent me the link to this wonderful story this morning. . . and I decided, "Well, I guess it's not all that bad."  

This short movie about 9-year old Caine will just fill your heart with happiness. I just wish i lived in East L.A. so I could go play.

My favorite parts: 
 - Caine's way of checking that the customer's "Fun-Pass" is legit.
 - His version of the Claw Machine game.
 -When you score a point Caine actually crawls inside the cardboard game box and feeds the winning tickets out a slot for you to collect. 
- Donating $ to the Caine's Arcade Foundation ("which will find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids").  Please donate to this wonderful foundation!

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