I picked up this vintage Wrangler jacket a week ago knowing it would make the perfect evening project. . . and last night was that evening.

While watching

Last of the Mohicans (

Daniel Day Lewis anyone?) I set about covering up the artwork that the previous owner had added

(I DO like the rose they painted on the collar)

.  Rooting through my cloth scrap-bin I discovered that still had some more of the B&W fabric that i've used for other projects left which seemed to be a good match for the jacket.  


For this project I centered the pattern over the painted panel and cut the cloth to size (leaving .5" all around to fold under for a clean edge). I then pinned it into place and sewed around the perimeter with my machine. Boom boom boom. done.  It's also good to put a few pins in the middle to keep the cloth centered while you work.  

*Sorry there are no process photos this time, I'll try to be a more diligent DIY documenter next time.