Eric and I blew through all three Watch-It-Nowable seasons of Showtime's United States of Tara these last few weeks.  Toni Collette is amazing as Tara, a wife mother of two, who is coping with an intense case of disassociate personality disorder.  Tara's disorder was brought on by a traumatic experience in her youth and has resulted in seven (by the end of the series) alternate personalities.  The delightful "Aiden" from SATC is her loving and supportive (most of the time) husband.

 In the third season, her daughter kate wears this freakin' awesome bear jumper that I just had to find online.

 Whelp, I found it, and nope, I can't afford it.  

But I still wanted to share it with you guys.
Kate's dress is by Lu Flux and is about $400

On a somewhat-related bear note, I also love this: 

The Great Sleeping Bear by Eiko Ishizawa, 2007

seen over on http://wetbehindthears.com/
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