I think Ryan Gosling is just the best. He's crazy talented (and not in that now obnoxious James Franco way), he's ridiculously charming (just observe the way he looks at his love interests in all of his movies!), and he's funny to boot.  If you agree with me than I recommend that you do a few things:

A. Watch the clips below of Ryan Gosling on Leno the other night (note how handsome he looks in that suit)

B.  Enjoy the "Dear Ryan Gosling" letter written by Meghan O'Keefe for Hello Giggles.

C. You should probably also watch this clip below:

D. Also make sure you spend at least a couple hours on Youtube watching any and all clips that have to do with his band Dead Man's Bones. . . Ryan and Zach Shields first met back in 2005, bonding over their shared fascination with ghosts. By 2008 they had created Dead Man's Bones, writing songs that played out like ghost stories.  Their entire first self titled album was a collaboration with the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir. Ryan and Zach play all the instruments on the album. . . many of which they'd never tried before. . . Reminds me a lot of Devotchka.

                                                You're Welcome.
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