My Maine

It's been a month since my trip to Maine but i still wanted to share my photos with you guys. 

My Dad’s grandparents bought a house on the coast of Maine eons ago. . . The great grandparents have long since passed but the house, “Mary’s Point,” is still standing, in all it’s original glory. I’ve traveled there every summer since I was a baby and I love it more than words.  It’s all early morning fog, ping pong on a disintegrating table, excursions to Five Islands for lobster lunches, crab races off the dock (it’s exactly as it sounds. . . everyone finds a crab in the seaweed, and then we see who’s crab scrambles off the dock first: Ready, Set, Go), and jumping into icey cold ocean water.

Reassembled post partum.  a seagull's lunch.

mmmm, Thanks Eric!

Jumping off the dock!! I used the "Diptic" app to get this affect. 

Love in Rockland, ME

I capsized while trying to hand my iphone off to my mom in the other kayak. . .thankfully I managed to hold my iphone above water as i went under.  Priorities people! 

My family . . . missing Alden. . . 

One of my favorite photos from Maine this summer

Two men and a dog with sea legs (she likes to kayak too)


My grandfather, Eric and my dad playing with tools in my grandfather's workshop

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