Tomorrow Eric and I are buying a house! It's the same house we've been renting for the past four years so we know it all of it's flaws and perks. It's small, old (dates back to the late 1800s), and in need of a lot of work but i couldn't be more excited.  I've been devouring do-it-yourself home improvement blogs like they are brownies lately.  My favorites are definitely meettheshaffers.com and the-brick-house.com.  

Meettheshaffers (stylist Leanne Ford-Shaffer's blog) is a truly mind-blowing example of how handy people can completely remake a crappy house into their dream home.  The-brick-house is more focused on the house's interior decoration (Morgan often shows her DIY house projects and revamped items she's hauled home from fleas, thrift stores, and Craigslist postings).  After looking through these blogs' archives I feel like there is so much Eric and I can do to make our home a place we are proud of.  Gotta start somewhere right?  And with a 4% fixed interest rate!!

Below is our darling little house!  

Even though the house is small the yard is really quite large (it goes back another 5 feet behind the white garage).  We are planning on getting rid of the smaller storage shed and building a chicken coop there instead.  We also want to pull up most of the paved driveway (just leaving enough for two cars right at the front).  

My Inspiration:

Below are a few photos from Meettheshaffers.com . . . get ready to be impressed!! 

Their kitchen Before:

This has me wondering if i can do the whole exposed ceiling look in my house!! 
That antique butcher-block island is a dream. 

Here are some before/after images from The-brick-house.com:

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