I feel like these six looks below will serve as a great source of fall fashion inspiration for me. 

This could be considered more of a winter look by some but I get cold easily. . . so a leopard fur jackets isn't really overkill for me.  I'm also loving her (Mirabelle Marden) floppy knit hat and striped button up.

Everything about this look is totally on point.  The scarf loosely knotted around the neck, the extra long grandpa sweater, and her long pleated olive green skirt. If I had this combo in my closet i'd wear it every single day this fall.  

Here is another long skirt look.  Paired with a belt, blouse, and a sweatery blazer is takes on a preppier look. extra points for her ankle boots and red slouchy hat.

I love mishmash of texture and material on this girl.  Her haircut also ads to the whole look

These last two looks are a bit more crisp than what i'm usually drawn to. . . but i think i'm going to head in that direction for fall.  Oxfords tucked into pants.  The pants on the second girl are to die for as well.

all images via p3rf3ctegoism.blogspot.com
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