Another loverly weekend in Lake George. . . and this time i brought some of my lady friends!! The weather was perfect, the nails were polished, and the wine flowed like the Niagra.
5 minute ferry rides are perfect for impromptu photo shoots of adorable Forever21 jumpers. . . Lookin' Fly Aly.

I'm nekkid. . . can you tell? Cait can!
I hope to be able to shoot this exact same photograph in 50 years. . . and make a nice little diptych for the grand kiddies.
Eric's underwater discoveries. Yup, that's a lawn gnome ladies and gentlemen. and nope, i didn't not let him bring it home with us. Scary shit like that should stay where it's found.
Show em how it's done Aly.

Until next time. . . .
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