. . . and nope, not talking about that terrible Juliet Lewis movie. I'm speaking of


other sister, Josie (see last image for furry visual). She's my parents' dog and we like to hang out now and then.

knit: vintage // jeans: Ralph Lauren//sandals: vintage .50 cent yard sale find // bracelet: Rackk and Ruin // bra: Gap

I hope you guys don't mind all the "detail shots," cause that's about all i'm able to manage by holding my iPhone held at arm's length

while trying to make it look like someone else took the photos

. . . (don't be fooled though, twas moi!)

This woven LEATHER shirt is one of my very favorite pieces. I got it about a year ago on Etsy and couldn't be more happy with it. I my pile of clothes were ever to be photographed by one of the many "peep in yo closet" blogs i'd definitely make sure this little number got captured. It reminds me of something Mad Max would wear when he was feeling feminine.

I'm also pretty psyched that i'm able to fit into these RL jeans again. I got them years ago after seeing/loving them on my friend Julia. Sadly, they stopped fitting once i stopped exercising. Well thank God for the YMCA (and "Butts and Guts" Weds mornings).