Ever since getting this vintage tasseled leather jacket a few years ago i've slowly been trying to make it more user-friendly. I am not a biker. I wish i were, but alas, i'm just not that badass. Therefore, a full on tasseled leather biker jacket comes off as Halloween-y when i wear it. The first step towards wearability was to turn it into a vest. The arms were fully tasseled, รก la A.Wang's fringed leather sweatshirt from a few seasons back, so removing them was an easy decision. . . Alas, even with the jacket in vest form it still wasn't quite "me."

So when I was in Maine earlier this month and I found an ill-fitting (and stain ridden) patterned jacket on the $1 rack at a thrift store, I saw potential. I decided to sew a panel of the B&W patterned material onto the back of the vest to give it a more casual look. I also added some of the fabric to this jacket as well. . .

vintage leather jacket : bdg tee : vintage Levis : diy leather sandals : faux pashmina