We've been lucky enough to get to the Adirondacks a few times already this summer because my boyfriend's family has a little place on Lake George. It's only a two hour drive from Burlington and once you arrive it's all about swimming, grilling, and drinking cold beverages. Basically The Simple Life. . . sans Paris and Nicole.

Fun on the Crown Point Ferry . . . our temporary transportation across the lake while the bridge is being re-built.

"Anjya," Eric's Hungarian grandmother, also shares a Birthday with our country's Day of Independence so we celebrated with assorted cupcakes from the farmers market and plastic wear from the Seventies. Pretty much everything in the house is from that decade and it's all the better for it. Next time I'm there I'll make sure to photo-document all the flowered wallpaper, "lounge" furniture, and kitchen-ware.

Even though one concerned reader thought Pitch looked a bit freaked, i assure you he most definitely is not. Pitchy loves all forms of water play. Though the inflatable tube might not be his favorite, he still prefers to be at Eric's side than on the dock observing.

Ellie (in her mom's old Little Rascals shirt)

Anjya has some serious style . . . She was wearing white on white here. . . but also rocks striped boatneck shirts and little shift dresses that she made years ago. Does this woman look 87? I think not.