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I love dialogue that came from my recent posts. First off I want to reiterate that I am not necessarily advocating the copying of one's designs. That said, I am also not worried that YSL or Pamela Love's sales will be affected at all by my linking to an Etsy seller. Pamela Love is one of the most popular jewelry designers of the past few years . . . she's basically a household name at this point (not an easy feat for a jewelry designer . . . unless you are Tiffany, Cartier, or De Beers). I agree with my anonymous commenter that someone who spends the $16 on a knockoff would not have been the customer base for the original anyway.

One another note, I am in no way "above" trends or must-have items. Even though i'm not rushing to Zappos to buy a pair of Litas (and not just because i can't walk in 4" heels) I did troll eBay for a used A.Wang Brenda bag for a while - and I DO love breton stripes, leopard print and skinny jeans. I'm sure you guys noticed that I was a little overzealous with the studding trend as well.

Last night at work a male co-worker of mine (whose idea of fashion is a Redsox hat) noticed that I had shaved the underside of my head. He liked it and suggested I continue the shave up one side by my ear (having no knowledge of the oh-so-popular side-undercut look). I found myself foolishly explaining how that hairstyle was almost too overdone at this point so I wanted to go for something different. He looked confused at which point I remembered that we live in Burlington, Vermont - a tiny city in which I've only seen about 4 or five girls with that hairstyle. So what was I even talking about? Do I subconsciously avoid certain trends because I'm a style blog addict? I agree in the theory that women dress, not for men, but for other women. . . I think I often dress for you guys. Even though I only do one or two personal style posts a month I'm definitely aware of my readers when I get dressed, as silly as that sounds. I wish I lived in a city where people dressed with more flair. I think there is so such a simple joy that can come from putting an outfit together. (Don't get me wrong -I'm all for wearing the same black pants and sweater three days in a row as well)

I always love Sister Wolf's posts on insanely overpriced over-trended items she finds for sale online (she aptly labels these posts "hideous crap"). These fads-on-crack make me seriously wonder what the fuck is going on in the fashion world and people whose job it is to "trend forcast." Do people really want that stuff? The funniest part is that the posted-about item is often "Sold Out" or on back-order. shit blows my mind.

Ok, and now for a totally off-topic photo to end this post (cause i was eating avocado when i wrote this):