Holy Paris. I really don't know where to start. . . It was the most beautiful place, with the most fabulous friend, and the most insane food and wine.

Phooey to those who warned me that Frenchies could be a bit, ahem, snobby. That's total bullshit. I'm sure the way you are treated, as a tourist in Paris, has everything to do with your attitude and interest in their culture/language. I was only treated rudely three times: Once by a bitchy gay vintage boutique owner who kicked us out after he saw me photographing his amazing wares, another was when i was shoved while crossing the street by a drunk, cross-eyed man passing us, and the third was when i was told "

i'll give you fifty cents if you fuck off

" by a drunken

Irish dude

slumped on the side of the street. Everyone else was absolutely amazing.

I can't wait to return and hit up the places I didn't have time to get to: The Catacombs, The flea markets, and all that food and wine I just couldn't fit in my belly.

(photos taken with Canon S95 and iPhone application "Cross-Process)

The view out of our adorable little studio apartment in Montmarte . . . I'll make sure to post a link to the exact apartment website where we rented ours because i'd highly recommend it to anyone visiting paris for a week or more. Montmarte was the cutest little neighborhood and our studio was pretty cheap.

Aly was in awe when she saw the "mini" Arch de Triumph next to The Louvre. . .

Gorgeous renoncules at every flower shop

Soaking up some Springtime sun by the Seine

The most delicious crepe near the Sorbonne campus. This guy was a master.

The only photo i was able to snap at


before quickly, and politely, told "NO PHOTOS!!" I wanted EVERYTHING at Colette.


The Thinker

. . .

Another view out our apt window. So European!!

We spotted a number of


's "Space Invader" street pieces.

Cheese is a living being in France. None of this individually plastic-wrapped bullshit. Just the real deal.

Aly swears her Hasbeens are super comfortable.

I gave myself an "undercut" a couple days before i left for Paris. At first i wasn't sure, but it's definitely grown on me.

Aly is wearing a "Life's So Rad" tank from my buddy Brian's t-shirt line

Moral Fibers

. . .


at Versaille

Marie Antoinette's chambers. . . .

lavish much?

Gardens of Versaille (it looks like a model of the gardens but this is the real thing. . . i just took it with the "miniature" setting on my Canon S95 (best camera ever).

There was an amazing gelato shop down the street from our apartment. . . needless to say we hit it up almost every night.

Modern art in The Pompidou

"Best falafel in Paris" at L'As du Falafel (

34 Rue des Rosiers in the Marais) . . . Lenny Kravitz gives it two nose piercings up

Amazing escargot at Le Progres in Montmarte


7 rue des Trois Frères)

Wine in baby bottles and fondu at

Refuge des Fondu

in Montmarte. . . Totally kitchy, absolutely delicious (

17 Rue des Trois Frères . . . right up the street from Le Progres)

Aly made some amazing appetizers with the foie gras she found.