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I just returned from a week in Vail, Colorado (rough life huh?!). My boyfriend's family generously invited me way back in August and I've been psyching myself up for the trip ever since. After a harrowingly snowy drive over the mountain pass from the Denver to Vail we arrived in time to hit the slopes. I'd only been snowboarding once this season (right before the trip) so i was pathetically out of shape. The trails at Vail are probably quadruple the length of those at Sugarbush (the mountain i ride at in Vermont) so my legs were on fire by the time i'd arrive at whichever lift I was taking.

Besides long days on the mountain, the week was filled with goofing around with Eric and his siblings (who are easily able to recite full episodes of The Office, Little Britain, and 30Rock as well as keep up with the contestants on Jeopardy), drinking too much red wine, thawing out in the hot tub, finishing Just Kids by Patti Smith and attempting to eat all the food that was bought before we had to pack up and go.
Eric is king when it comes to making a fire. That, and keeping any song stuck in my head for days. . .

"Old as ancient skies
I've had these wondering eyes
But you took me by surprise when you let me inside of you

Inside of you
Inside of you
There's got to be
Some part of me
Inside of you"

- Aldous Snow (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
The classic Jackalope

Eric's dad is a big fly fisher, and recently began tying his own flies. Seeing that I get most of my feathers at a local fly fishing store, it was really fun to watch how the feathers were intended to be used!~

One of Vail's vast back bowls.
And all the ski mountain lodges came stocked with four different flavors of Cholula!!
The sunset from our condo's wall of windows.

On one of my flights home I was randomly assigned to First Class (well, actually Eric was but he graciously gave it to me). Even though it was only a two hour flight I was able to fully experience the comfort, and bottomless wine glass, of the elite.