Inspired by the ever inspiring Jayne (photoshop guru/creator of Stopitrightnow) i decided to play around with my neighbor options. . . Currently it's a run down house that used to harbor a million ferrets, and two dogs named after countries that the owners probably couldn't have pointed out on a map. I started out thinking big: tropical beaches. . . epic snowy mountains. . . but then i decided that i wanted to be part of the protests happening in London right now over the proposal to raise university tuition fees like crazy - nearly tripling them. But since I can't teleport myself i thought i'd stick with happy things like pink sunsets.

Back to clothes stuff: Picked up this super-warm vintage curly shearling jacket on Friday at an unfrequented thrift store for $25. whoop whoop. I'm wearing it inside out here (not as cozy, but a ton more fun) with a vintage patterned silk dress, Rackk and Ruin Seven of Sorrows Necklace, and Frye Chelsea boots that i added leather fringe to the back of.
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