knit headband - thrifted / leather vest- self altered / jacket- Mossimo Leather / Oxford - RVCA // Cargos-SL8 / boots - Aldo

I got this amazing (now)vest at a Goodwill last year and immediately knew it had some major potential. It was originally a big, boxy jacket (with a plush interior!) so i decided to cut it down and take it in. My first move was removing the sleeves. I tried wearing it around last winter like this but it was still way too boxy. A second shot at adjustment had to take place.

This time i took in the shoulders, the waist, and removed the front pockets (which created excess bulk in the front . . . the lower half is still a bit bulky when zipped but I don't care). My sewing machine almost ate it (as in died) a number of times with this project. My favorite way to wear it is with my leather jacket underneath. Insanely warm.
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