I bought this Junior Drake bag off Ebay a few months ago (it was super cheap because the leather was rather ragged in spots) but upon arrival I wasn't really in love with it (photos above are from a

current Ebay listing

for the same style bag).

Well, all that has now changed !

. . . . Some time last year I thrifted a coat that had a horrible fit (big and boxy) but was made of insanely beautiful "kilim" style woven Turkish rug material. I bought it because I knew I wanted to make pillows with it (which i did and will post photos of soon) and I ended up with extra material leftover.

I cut and sewed pieces to the "blankish" spots on the bag and then dyed the leather bag a rich dark brown with


brand leather dye (amazing products). The bag didn't have its original strap when i bought it so i used another bag's strap and dyed it to match. . . I then sewed a little fur sleeve to fit over the strap for comfort.

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