I used to hand write my monthly calendars into a sketchbook (that i'd try to always have on me). When i first saw my sister's collection of amazing calendar/personal sketch/note diaries i was insanely jealous. . . It was like a creative type's scrapbook.

Growing up, I was always an avid diary keeper (i have a collection of about 7 diaries that i've kept from 1996-2006!!) Along with photo albums, they are certainly something i would brave a house fire to rescue) My friend and I actually put on our very own "Mortified" event last year where i got up on stage and read the funniest excerpts from my childhood diaries. I'll have to remember to treat you guys sometime . . . maybe include some awkward youthful photos as well!

Anyway, I gave my sister's style journaling a shot a few years ago with an Exacompta de Paris Exaclair notebook (buy one here). These images are from my notebook from 2006/7. . . I've kinda fallen short when it comes to keeping a calendar (and drawing) lately.

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