After spending over two months (3,000 hours!) underground (2,300 feet), the 33 trapped Chilean miners were finally able to be brought to the surface yesterday. I've been following this ordeal and can't even imagine how i would have dealt if someone i loved were in that situation. I am so happy that they are all alive and well and back with their families!

These 33 men survived conditions that are basically unbearable. Before a clearing of the mine was made, to send down supplies, the men suffered through constant darkness, 90% humidity, barely any food/water. This form of isolation/intense boredom is known to cause depression.

Each of the 33 men is now on the surface. They each spent one hour cramped into a tiny capsule being hauled up to the surface.

I wonder if this will be turned into a movie. . . most likely.
all images via http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/
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