Just got back from a weekend at my boyfriend's camp on Lake George. . . No cell reception, no internet. Not having internet for a few days is a very healthy thing for me because i think i might have an addiction.
I wish my computer could be programed to limit my daily access. I don't watch any TV so i don't have that addiction. . . but wasting hours online is almost just as bad. I think the main problem is that i begin my day with breakfast and the internet. Which actually ends up starting me off with a crick in my neck and a "where did the time go" feeling. OK, early resolution. No internet until i've done something productive with my day like gone for a run.

Got sick of my backyard/fence shots. . . moved into the living room.
LA.MADE tee, vintage leather vest (DIY from jacket), vintage skirt (DIY from shorts), vintage cowboy boots from Etsy.
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