Photographer Pinar Yolacan's collection of photographs 'Maria" includes 22 images of women from the island of Itaparica, Bahia (off Brazil). Pinar made the clothing from cloth and animal placenta (which you might not even notice at first glance). **I'm not going to go into Pinar's inspiration for this piece but if you are interested you can read an interview with her here.
Ever since first stumbling upon the extremely disturbing photographs of Joel-Peter Witkin as a youth I've been enthralled by the idea that one can be made to feel physically ill when looking at a photograph (and i don't mean gruesome war-time photos). Pinar's photos are not in the same style as Witkins but they do evoke a similar eeriness and discomfort.

Below are some photos from an old Vice Magazine of designer Dominic Jones (of the fingernail gloves) sea-creations. Similar matierals. Such different results. Pinar's photography or glossy magazine editorial? Which do you prefer?
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