Remember when Erin Wasson made those dumb-ass comments about getting her style inspiration from homeless people. . . well what she actually said was "The people with the best style for me are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, like, I'm like, 'Oh my God, they're pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled ----- out of like garbage cans.'" If you don't know what i'm referencing i've posted the video below (the best part being "it girl" Cory Kennedy blankly nodding in agreement). Ok, so maybe the whole "shredded clothing" movement might have originally been inspired by down-and-outs, BUT, when you go around saying shit like that you just sound ignorant as hell.

anyway. . . when i saw these photos of Chris (for a series titled "The Original Hipster" by Parsons graduate Julia Chesky), Wasson's words came to mind. According to the Trendland.net article Chris is "homeless by choice" and has lived on Mercer St. for the past few decades. I guess this is how Chris dresses on a daily basis.