(Vintage boys denim shirt, Gap Breton striped tee, Rackk and Ruin metal-fringe necklace, vintage leopard print dress, cut-off UO tights, YIN wedges)

I was shocked when the soccer ball i flung actually went into the basket for this shot. . . which is obviously not standard issue height. . . or else that would make me over 6' tall. Even though i'm taller than average I have always sucked hard at basketball. I gave a boy a bloody lip in middle school gym class due to my flailing arms. I've never really been particularly stellar any any sport in fact. I just don't have that competitive drive that helps some kids excel. My mom remembers me sitting in the outfield at youth softball games watching the ants march one by one. That pretty much eliminated me from getting the "Most Valuable Player" award at the end of season ice-cream social. I think the only reason I even agreed to play softball in the first place was for the ice-cream social at the end. I would have been much more content building fairy houses in my backyard, or chatting with my American Girl Doll (I had Molly of course). Oh childhood.