I can't even begin to describe what i've been putting my hair through this past month.
First, i botched the "highlights"
then i attempted to have it "fixed" at a salon. . . decided they didn't do what i wanted. . .

So i waited a couple weeks and then bleached my hair further with Manic Panic Flash Lightening.

and then last night i tried to further de-orangify the underside of my hair in the back using some dark ashy blonde Revlon box die. . . while at the same time using Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner on the top blonde parts. . . Jesus.

I'm lucky my hair hasn't jumped ship yet.

I feel like the second picture is the best representation of how light my hair is right now. Definitely the lightest i've ever gone. . . and yet now i want to go lighter! Is this like when you get one piercing or tattoo and it makes you want more and more and more? My friend Brooke asked me if i was going to need a hair dying intervention.

Wearing all vintage.