I signed up for Auction Sniper today. I'm doing a double and won't be at my computer when the bidding for the oxfords i've been watching ends. . . is this moral? do i care?

anywho, it basically uses my tricks of the trade (that i posted about a yr ago) but does everything automatically. My bid isn't very much over the minimum so my hopes aren't set too high.

I shouldn't even be looking at Ebay right now because I basically just watched $1,800 go down the mother-fucking drain. Over a month ago i decided it was time to get a "new" car. My trusty old volvo sedan (that i'd had since highschool) finally got towed off to the scrap yard and all i had to show for it was a check for 100 bones. After some Craigslist hunting i decided on a '98 Passat wagon that had been fixed up and was being re-sold by a nearby mechanic. . . golden right?

WRONG! two days. . . .TWO DAYS. . . after i bought it i started hearing a rattling in the engine and the check oil light flashed on. Since there was plenty of oil in the engine i had it towed back to the same mechanic so he could take a look at it. The guy basically dragged shit out for over a month saying he could fix it(free labor but i'd have to pay for parts). Many many phone calls later and i've just been told yesterday that the engine is completely fucked(something i assumed might be the case the day i had it towed).

Getting past the fact that i now hate this man and that i didn't write up any sale contract (something that said i had a week to return it/whatever) the burden is on me. So now i'm stuck. My best bet will probably be doing some sort of trade-in towards another car at a used car dealership. . . but you can't get much for a car with a blown engine though. ARGHHHH. FML.