Went on a bit of a shopping rampage today. . .

it all started out with a random visit to The Clothing Line (a little hit-or-miss second hand shop in Burlington). Usually i'll quickly do a lap and head out but today i found MANY things i wanted to try on. With one little dressing room i always feel pressure to be really fast because i hate waiting for changing rooms myself. I ended up leaving with half the stuff i tried on which is a pretty big score in my mind.
I picked up a great African print shrug/cardigan thing, an OBEY shirt with a rad print on it, an RVCA button up oxford, a vintage red silk Wonder Woman-esque belt, and a pleather snakeskin mini. . . total damage: $50 . . . from there i wandered over to American Eagle Outfitters. . . i have no idea what drew me into the store (i usually avoid malls like the plague) but i'm glad something did. They were having a crazy sale and i got four of the softest shirts for like $14 total. I also picked up this cute little 20s style hat on sale for $9.00
Kinda want to wear all my new stuff out tonight in one crazy mixed up jumbley outfit.

ps. i didn't win those oxfords i was sniping. boo.