I just discovered collage artist Alexis Mackenzie on my favorite art and oddities blog: me melodia . . .

Her lovely and whimsical (with a touch of eeriness) pieces immediately reminded me of old books and manuscripts where the first letter of the first word of the first sentence would be elaborately drawn with curling vines, animals, or biological motifs. Alexis has taken this a million steps forward. She chooses single words, such as "Youthless" and "Dust," or phrases like "It Matters To Me," and spells them out using painstakingly cut-out biological images from old books she's collected over the years. Her choice and placement of these blossoms, anatomical parts, stems and animals are marvelous and can be seen as a kind of "Magic Eye" to the viewer.

You can see all of her work (including older collages that don't incorporate words) on Alexis's Flickr page.

Dreaming is Easy
Never Be Sad
It Matters To Me