I picked up this mid-nineties The Limited dress at a thrift store the other day because A) It was $5 B) fit me like a glove and C) it totally reminded me of my favorite Gen-X movie Reality Bites. . . Paired with some black combat boots and a jean jacket i'm a total shoe-in for Lelaina. . .
I'm trying to decide if the full length is working for me. . . That's a helluva lotta polka dots for just one girl. Maybe if i brought it up to the knee I could handle it a bit better. Then i could take the extra scrap and make a summer-weight scarf or something. Waste not, want not. . . or whatever the saying is.
Speaking of totally awful highlight grow-outs. . . I don't think i fully realized how bad mine was until seeing these photos. I'm really trying to get my hair to the length i want before i do any crazy dye jobs...but seeing these is kinda painful. I'm not exactly embodying the popular ombré hair trend with this look.

p.s. gonna try and be better about doing "outfit posts"