This detail shot came from The Facehunter and i just had to re-post it. The layering of black lace, and then the shot of colored lace peaking through, is just so lovely.

I also must have and I.D. for this woman's bag (also a facehunter shot) . . . i think it's pony hair? either way, it's amazing and i just can't make out the tag's name!! i'm sure it's probably $134094323 but it's fantastic. I'm getting so excited for all the beautiful leather work i keep hearing about in Argentina!! and the free range beef of course! I already have a couple requests from friends to keep an eye out for leather jackets for them . . . hopefully i'll be able to pack light enough for the trip that i'll have room for all my acquisitions!!

I haven't been on a big adventure in so long! The last time i went out of the country was to study abroad in Rome my junior year . . . and that was 5 years ago!! Man! My Spanish skills are rusty/non-existent but i've been taking French lessons for a while now so maybe that will end up helping me. . .