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Played around with my camera's self timer while waiting for FedEx to deliver my new iPhone (i've spent way too much quality time with applecare phone techs over the past couple weeks). I've discovered that the perfect tripod is an empty coffee cup turned upside down. . . I stick my camera in the bottom lip and it holds perfectly (I use a little Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Elf).

I got this gradient purple wool/cashmere scarf from Banana Republic a year or so ago. It was too expensive for me to justify purchasing but the cashier convinced me to sign up for a Banana credit card which somehow ended up saving me like $45 off of it. I canceled the card a few days later (the responsible way) and never looked back. I found this light-weight army-green cotton jacket at my favorite church thrift for $2. It hurt to have to store it in my closet all winter but now it's finally warm enough to wear it. The leather knit shirt was an Etsy find.
Vintage thrifted jacket, vintage leather knit shirt, mom's necklace, Genetic Denim jeans, Banana Republic leopard scarf (best purchase ever), vintage self-studded/modified purse (soon to be for sale on Off The Rackk) Palladium boots (worn folded over).