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Bonjour, HEYYY!

dearest fellow fashion internerds,

my name is allie. i will be guest-blogging alongside miss kate while molly travels more exotic parts of the world (where it isn't snowing in late april) (sigh).

i usually blog about music nerd stuff, because i am completely obsessed with downloading and playing anything and everything, be it mega-mellow indie or super-hyper electro dance party. i also like to dj in my spare time with a crew of boys. we call ourselves bonjour-hi.

but enough about me. let's talk about rachel comey.

i first heard about miss comey during the new site launch of her men's footwear line, which is ten times more adorable than you ever thought a men's line could be. my first reaction was utter contempt for all the boys that can wear this stuff. my second reaction was to fall in love with the boys modeling the shoes (watch the little videos that play as you let your mouse rest over each shoe and you'll see why).


then, my third reaction was to realize that this lovely lady

via tmagazine

must obviously have the sense to make equally if not more amazing apparel for the ladies.

and i was right.

that's all for now! i'm size 8.5 if anyone has an extra pair...

images without photo credits found via bloomingdales, totokaelo, and google shopping.

Anna Palmieri

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